Help Ukraine

Our brothers and sisters Salesians stay in Ukrajine with young people and their families. They accomodate people fleeing war from the whole country in their community centres. Thanks to your financial support we are able to provide aid they need. Thank you.

How do we help?



We help mothers and children from Ukraine and also unaccompanied minors and orphans to find shelter and background in Slovakia (short and long-term). We provide them accomodation, education, free-time leisure activities and material aid for life in Slovakia.


Material aid

In our storage house in Prešov we accumulate material from our partners, or other material, which has been bought by financial support of donors. We do not collect material from individual donors. Thereafter, we deliver material aid to Ukraine. Material aid is further divided according to the needs of particular communities.


Financial aid

Your financial support goes to accomodation and material aid for mothers with children in Ukraine and Slovakia and to centres, who take care of people from Ukraine.

You donated €525,043
and we already allocated €455,275

Humanitarian aid
(food, hygiene supplies, medicines, ...)
Travel expenses
Other expenses

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